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UPDATED Friday 9 July

Dear Members, 

We can’t thank you enough for your support through this extremely challenging period. Without our members’ support during the 2020 Lockdown and again now, we would not be here. We are truly grateful. 

On Friday 9 July, the NSW Government announced that outdoor exercise will now be restricted to groups of up to two. So our outdoor classes will be unavailable for the final week of Lockdown – however, these will be moved online.

This means we will now offer 70 live classes a week (in addition to the Virtual Playground videos) to support both our members, as well as teachers. These will be visible on the Fitness Playground app from tonight.  

Want to try PT at this time?

We're pleased that people are able to continue using PT at this time. (Outdoor training in groups of up to two people is allowed, within 10km of your home.) For those who don't do PT, we are helping our members to keep moving by offering two free outdoor personal training sessions during lockdown. To take up this offer, click here.

Read on for more info about our approach to Lockdown, plus answers to FAQs...


Our approach to lockdown aims to achieve 3 things. Our goals are to keep our: 

  1. Members Active
  2. Staff Working (in some way or another) 
  3. Community Connected  

This is a challenging time, but our team has been through it before and we will again. 

When faced with a lockdown of our gyms, our approach is always to adapt and create options for our members to stay active. With this approach in mind, we have created new services and two custom options. 

Any member who keeps their membership active will get: 

1. Free access to our Virtual Playground for 90 days 

2. NEW: Live Classes via our Virtual Playground 

3. Access to PT


What happens if I suspended my membership prior to the lockdown extension being announced?

You don't need to do anything further. If you suspended, your suspension will automatically extend until the time gyms reopen, no matter when that is.

What happens with my PT? 

PT is able to continue because groups of up to two can exercise outdoors together (up to 10km from your home).

If you can't find a time to train or don’t feel comfortable, your missed sessions will remain on your account and can be used at any time in the next three months. 

We would like to share that we are increasing the pay of all PTs throughout the lockdown period to support your coach, many of whom are contractors and will be financially affected. 

How do I access Virtual Playground's live and pre-recorded video classes? 

While Virtual Playground used to be accessed via a website, it is now accessed via the Fitness Playground app. This will now be free for 90 days for all members who choose to keep their membership active. Available to both Gym & Play members. 

How do I access the Fitness Playground app? 

iPhone users, download the app free here.
Android users, download the free app here.

Will I get a refund?

Your completion of the suspension form will mean your payment pauses until the gym re-opens, so there should be no need to refund.

What happens if I am billed? 

If you have filled in the suspension form you will have your payments suspended for until the gym re-opens. Therefore, you will not be out of pocket. If you believe you have been overcharged, please advise your club. 

Where can I find more information? 

We will be updating this page when necessary. 

Thank you so much, again, for your support. And stay safe.


Fitness Playground


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