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Welcome to our FAQs page.

Here you’ll find Fitness Playground & The Bunker’s safety initiatives for dealing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

To read our Play It Safe Guide, click here.



What are the current government restrictions for gyms?
NSW Government restrictions placed on gyms include the following:
– Clients who have not been fully vaccinated are not currently able to train in gyms
– 1 person per 4sqm (which rarely affects our clubs because they are large facilities)
– A maximum of 20 people per class


What are the operational hours? Are gyms still 24/7?
When not in lockdown, Fitness Playground Surry Hills & Fitness Playground Marrickville operate:
– Monday to Sunday | 24 Hours

Fitness Playground Newtown operates:
– Monday to Friday | 5:45am – 10:00pm
– Saturday | 7:00am – 7:00pm
– Sunday | 8:00am – 5:00pm

The Bunker operates:
– Monday to Sunday | 6am - 10pm

What are each gym's staffed hours?
- Marrickville & Newtown:
6am-7pm Mon-Fri / 8am-5pm Sat-Sun
- Surry Hills: 10am-7pm Mon-Fri / 8am-5pm Sat-Sun
- The Bunker: 10am-7pm Mon-Fri / 8am-5pm Sat

What are the key changes that will affect me?
We’ll do our best to ensure that we’re operating as close to “normal” as possible while keeping members safe. Here are some of the changes we’ve put in place:
– No towel, no play | If members arrive without a towel, they will be unable to train.
– Make sure to bring your own full drink bottle | So that you don't need to use the communal water fountains.
– Wipe equipment after use | As usual, wipe down/santise equipment after use


What additional safety protocols have you implemented to combat COVID-19?
In addition to our already extensive cleaning and hygiene options available in the clubs, we have added the following protocols:
– Doubled our scheduled cleans in all locations
– Added hand sanitiser stations to gym entries
– Invested into innovative cleaning technologies in the form of Electrostatic Spray Guns, as well as Air Sanitising Units which “kill COVID in the sky.”
– Added additional spray disinfectant on the gym floor for cleaning equipment and benches between use

How are you enforcing Social Distancing within the gyms?
Social distancing within our gyms will be adhered to via the following means:
– Member Capacity | As mandated by the Government, each of our gyms will be limited to a capacity of 1 person per 4sqms. This will be monitored and controlled by our access gates, and access will be temporarily denied to any member trying to enter the facility after capacity has been met.
– Member Awareness | Of course, while we’ll do our best to ensure that social distancing paradigms are maintained, we cannot do this effectively if you, our members, don’t do you part. Member awareness and courtesy to fellow gym users will play a vital role to everyone being able to train safely in a post-COVID world.


Our Marrickville creche is now located in the new Wellness Playground, downstairs on ground level.


What training can I do if I’m unvaccinated?
We’re offering free Virtual Playground (via the FP app) so all members can book into live online classes and do on-demand video workouts anytime you want. Or do outdoor one-to-one PT, contact us on play@fitnessplayground.com.au if you want to set something up.

Can I come to the gym earlier than 1 Dec if I have a medical exemption from vaccination?

Yes you can. Please come into the gym during staffed hours to show your exemption. 

How will anyone know if I’m vaccinated when I come into the gym?
Once staff have sighted your vaccination Digital Certificate, this status will be reflected on your membership card to allow the entrance gate to open for you. Without this, your access key will not work. You will also not be able to book classes until the Certificate has been sighted.